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Mailboxmenu Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  { AlignDontCare = 1, AlignTop, AlignBottom }
enum  { Right = 1, Left }
enum  {
  Empty = 0, Round, Square, Triangle,
enum  { LeftJustify = 1, RightJustify, CenterJustify }

Public Member Functions

void buttonPressEvent (XButtonEvent *)
void buttonReleaseEvent (XButtonEvent *)
void Clean (void)
void ClearMenu (void)
void defaultMenu (void)
void enterNotifyEvent (XCrossingEvent *)
void exposeEvent (XExposeEvent *)
int getCount (void)
unsigned int getHeight (void)
int getHighlight (void)
int getIndicatorPosition (void)
const char * getLabel (void) const
unsigned int getTitleHeight (void)
unsigned int getWidth (void)
Window getWindowID (void)
int getX (void)
int getY (void)
Bool hasSubmenu (int)
Bool hasUserMoved (void)
virtual void hide (void)
int insert (char *, int=0, char *=(char *) 0, int=-1)
int insert (char **, int=-1)
int insert (char *, Basemenu *, int=-1)
Bool isVisible (void)
void leaveNotifyEvent (XCrossingEvent *)
 Mailboxmenu (ToolWindow *)
void motionNotifyEvent (XMotionEvent *)
void move (int, int)
void Move (int, int, bool)
void reconfigure (void)
void Reconfigure (void)
int remove (int)
void setHighlight (int=-1)
void setIndicatorPosition (int=1)
void setLabel (char *n)
void setSubmenuIndicator (int=1)
virtual void show (void)
void update (void)
void Update (void)
void UpdateNumbers (int, int, int)
bool WaitForUpdate (void)

Protected Member Functions

BasemenuItemfind (int index)
virtual void itemSelected (int, int)
void setAlignment (int a)
void setHidable (Bool h)
void setItemIndicator (int=-1, int=0)
void setMinimumSublevels (int m)
void setMovable (Bool b)
void setTitleVisibility (Bool b)

Private Attributes

bool wait_for_update
int * word_length

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file mailboxmenu.hh.

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