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BImageControl Class Reference

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struct  Cache

Public Member Functions

 BImageControl (BaseDisplay *, ScreenInfo *, Bool=False, int=4, unsigned long=300000l, unsigned long=200l)
const Bool & doDither (void)
BaseDisplaygetBaseDisplay (void)
const int & getBitsPerPixel (void) const
unsigned long getColor (const char *)
unsigned long getColor (const char *, unsigned char *, unsigned char *, unsigned char *)
const Colormap & getColormap (void) const
const int & getColorsPerChannel (void) const
void getColorTables (unsigned char **, unsigned char **, unsigned char **, int *, int *, int *, int *, int *, int *)
const int & getDepth (void) const
const Window & getDrawable (void) const
void getGradientBuffers (unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int **, unsigned int **)
ScreenInfogetScreenInfo (void)
unsigned long getSqrt (unsigned int)
Visual * getVisual (void)
void getXColorTable (XColor **, int *)
void installRootColormap (void)
void parseColor (BColor *, char *=0)
void parseTexture (BTexture *, char *)
void removeImage (Pixmap)
Pixmap renderImage (unsigned int, unsigned int, BTexture *)
void setColorsPerChannel (int)
void setDither (Bool d)
virtual void timeout (void)

Protected Member Functions

Pixmap searchCache (unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned long, BColor *, BColor *)

Private Types

typedef struct BImageControl::Cache Cache

Private Attributes

int bits_per_pixel
int blue_bits
unsigned char blue_color_table [256]
int blue_offset
LinkedList< Cache > * cache
unsigned long cache_max
XColor * colors
int colors_per_channel
Bool dither
unsigned int grad_buffer_height
unsigned int grad_buffer_width
unsigned int * grad_xbuffer
unsigned int * grad_ybuffer
int green_bits
unsigned char green_color_table [256]
int green_offset
int ncolors
int red_bits
unsigned char red_color_table [256]
int red_offset
Colormap root_colormap
int screen_depth
int screen_number
unsigned long * sqrt_table
Window window

Detailed Description

Definition at line 220 of file Image.hh.

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